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Common Labor Charges:

  • Installation of Tube/Tire $10.00 + cost of tube*
  • Professional Assembly of boxed bicycle $60.00 and up
  • Disassemble and boxing of bicycle for shipment $60.00 (includes box)

*parts not included in labor costs

Standard Multi-Speed Tune up: $60 and up

  • Visual Check Over
  • Check/Adjust Air Pressure in Tires
  • Spoke Tensioning/Light Wheel True of Both Wheels
  • Clean/Lubricate all Brake & Gear Cables/Housings
  • Adjust Front & Rear Wheel Hubs
  • Adjust Front & Rear Brake Arms, Pads, and Cable Tension
  • Adjust Front & Rear Derailleurs
  • Adjust Headset
  • Adjust Bottom Bracket
  • Lubricate Chain
  • Lubricate All Pivoting Points


*Not always available in busy summer season 

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We work on all makes and models!